Mid-week Community Links: “Appstore” and GameSalad Differences

Another development in the “App Store” trademark case. Apple is to sue Amazon over their use of the “Appstore” name for their Android app marketplace (BBC)

In an interview with GameSalad (easy iPhone game creation) founders contrast their product to Game Maker.

How would you say your pro version compares to another design tool such as Gamemaker (by YoYo Games) or even Unity?
Gamemaker’s business model goes completely against everything we’re about. If you want to put a game on the App Store using Gamemaker, you have to submit through YoYo, have your game be approved by YoYo (they pick and choose which titles to publish) and then do a 50/50 revenue share split with them. We enable users to build for iOS for free. In our pro version, we enable extra monetization features, such as iAds and promotional links. Professional members also receive priority technical support.

What do you think?

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  1. Blue :Well Jack, what would happen when Apple lost? Right. Every company would start using the term ‘app store’, since suing doesn’t help.

    So they won’t want to lose, Apple is enormous if they want to win, it isn’t as if they don’t have the power.

    • Heck, they never said they are completely against revenue-sharing.
      QUOTE: “Gamemaker’s business model goes completely against everything we’re about”

      They clearly specify that thay don’t want their users to be able to publish their games only through GameSalad. Which is a contrast to what YoYo is all about.

      So its not about Apple at all, its about comparing gamesalad and gamemaker buisiness models.

  2. You wont be able to sell anything on the appstore without sharing with Apple. I think gamesalad guys are talking about sharing with the tool-manufacturer (YoYo in this case)

    • @YemSalat – ‘those things’ meaning the ‘gatekeeping’ and revenue sharing. If those things are ‘completely against everything they’re about’, then they shouldn’t target iOS, since that’s exactly what Apple does.

      However, I do agree that it would be nice if Yoyo let us do it ourselves (for a fee, like an addon or something), and deal with all the licensing fees ourselves.

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