Sixty Five Million and One BC Now Free

From early this month the full version of Sixty Five Million And One BC has been available to download free. The game previously sold for $20.

In the dinosaur themed platformer your are tasked with preventing an asteroid hurtling towards Earth and wiping out the dinosaurs. The game was entered into YoYo Games Ancient Civilization competition back in 2008 in which it received an honourable mention.

After the competition the version uploaded to the site over 100 copies of the game were sold commercially. When 50 copies of the game had been sold its creator, snailfox, posted at the Game Maker Community about the experience of promoting and selling the game.

The game is an 18MB download and can be obtained here.

What do you think?

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  1. Enjoyed the humour and graphics, but for me the difficulty curve was a bit off a it was a little frustrating.

    Definitely a game I would pay for – but $20 is too much in my opinion. I’m not sure about the amount of content, but because there’s only the story mode I would price it somewhere around £5 (~$8). Big reduction I know, but’s it only reason I can think of as to why it didn’t sell more.

  2. Finished it. That was seriously awesome. I hope that it’ll be ported to other systems when Studio comes out! I’d love to play that on my PSP 😀 The humor and everything was great, and the graphics were amazing, but I did notice the slight compression on everything. It should be rereleased without compression, for a small fee of course 😉

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