indie(Radio) Broadcast 1 – Innoquous 4, GML Loose Syntax

The first indie(Radio) broadcast took place yesterday.  A recording of the half hour show is embedded below (language warning).


The show starts with Andrew McCluskey talking briefly about his time at YoYo Games and his Maddening and Innoquous 4 games.

Jack Brockley then joins host Bret Hudson for a look at some recent indie gaming news.  The show is not focused entirely on GameMaker as it features flashpunk, Stencyl and Minecraft news.

Innoquous 4 is then very briefly reviewed followed by a short game design talk from Allen Webster and disccusion about whether or not Game Maker Language’s loose syntax should be tightened up.

The show is off to a good start though I felt there could have been a bit more depth given to the topics discussed.

14 Replies to “indie(Radio) Broadcast 1 – Innoquous 4, GML Loose Syntax”

  • This gives me the impression that at YoYo you use your online aliases to talk to each other in the office. Which is scary.

    We only do that to annoy him, or when he’s been bad and we have to tell him to sit on the naughty step 🙂

  • Just a small correction to them, NAL wasn’t paid by YoYo Games to do his new game. This is something he did in his spare time, off his own bat. In fact, We didn’t even know about it until pretty late on.

  • NSFW? So it’s not okay that we swore once or twice? If it’s not, just let me know and I’ll try to make sure to address that with the team.

    Also, xot, I know about the name for the mp3 file. That was a fail, and didn’t notice until after I uploaded. My internet upload is slow and didn’t want to wait another 15 minutes for it to re-upload. Sorry for the lack of professionalism in that area.

    Also, GMB, thank you for posting about this. It’s greatly appreciated, and we’ll use your feedback and try to go more in depth with the topics. What topics were you mainly referring to?

  • Originally had a NSFW warning in the draft but thought it seemed a little silly. Not really sure of average GMB demographic, had assumed it was slightly older and more mature than the GameMaker average.

    • Agreed on the demographic, but if I’d been watching at school, I’d likely have gotten kicked off the computers or a dirty look at the least.

    • Jack Brockley :Watching? Are you sure you’re talking about the podcast?

      Yes. Sorry, but I was a little tired when I wrote this. And for clarity, I believe NSFW does include swearing. Of course you can swear – I’ve no idea where you thought I had a problem with that. I thought I’d just flag it up!

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