YoYoGames Forums – Exploit Means Anyone Can Create New Forum

An exploit at the official forum means that any registered user can create a new forum section.

Opening the General Chat section of now reveals a number of unauthorised sub-forums. The creator of these sub-forums is not apparent but with themes including “Decompiled Games”, “Pornography” and “Ads” a mischievous forum member has been having fun at YoYo Games’ expense. A number of top-level forum sections have also been created for topics relating to “Personal Problems”, Minecraft, religious debate and “YoYoGames Security Holes”.

New YoYoGames Sub-Forums Small

After seeing that rogue forums had been created it took me just seconds to find myself at the following screen.

Make a new forum

Given the simplicity of doing so and the behaviour of many YoYoGames forum members it is quite surprising that this exploit remained hidden for so many years.

The existence of these unofficial sub-forums has been acknowledged by forum moderators in a pinned topic but incredibly they are yet to be removed.

Posting on Twitter last night YoYo Games’ Andrew McCluskey wrote of the forum “It was a little playbox for a bunch of kids before. Now it’s a bunch of kids exploiting a massive glitch and killing it”.

What do you think?

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  1. Hope that guy was good at covering his tracks. Surely legal action could be taken here, since it damages their reputation greatly (imagine if children asked to buy Game Maker and their parents saw that).

  2. I always hated how I had to have a different login for each part of the website. At one point I had separate usernames/passwords for the gmc, the glog, the forums, and the wiki. Is it still like this? I haven’t visited the site since the redesign.

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