GameMaker created HTML5 Animation on YoYo Games Homepage

Obfuscated HTML5 GameMaker Source Code
Obfuscated HTML5 GameMaker Source Code

The flash animation on the YoYo Games homepage has been updated so that, if your browser is compatible, a HTML5 animation will show instead.

The new animation, which rotates through the various versions of GameMaker, looks and feels the same as the original flash version but has been created with the as yet unreleased HTML5 version of GameMaker.

The source code for the animation – viewable here – is obfuscated.

Also, if you type “flipout” on your keyboard whilst on the website all text on the page flips upside down (thanks Greg for the tip!).

10 Replies to “GameMaker created HTML5 Animation on YoYo Games Homepage”

  • firefox sucks…it has a memory leak, I suggest Chrome (plus Chrome loads much faster anyway — only downside is that I can’t find a reliable anti-ad thing for it).

  • What browser are you on Ray? It runs fine for me in Firefox and Chrome, but there’s definitely some problems in Safari and IE. They’d probably blame it on the obfuscation, but ultimately it’s some dodgy JavaScript rendering. This could seriously affect HTML5 GameMaker games.

  • Very cool. It works, but moves very herky-jerky on my PC…which is an 8 core monster with a killer graphics card. Hmmmm…

  • Can we expect to see fewer updates to the blog considering it’s been over a week since the last? I guess it’s not your fault, can’t report the news if there is none right?

    Oh, and typing “flipout” twice (and further) will keep reversing the already inverted letters.

    • I am simply no longer able to update the blog as I have done so over the past few years. I graduated last week and this week have started a full time job. When I was a student my time was much more flexible – for much of the time I was able to choose when I did work which meant I could quickly react to news stories when they broke. For the most part I was able to keep up to date with any Game Maker related developments throughout each day. I cannot do that any more.

      The help of anyone who has some time and the ability to contribute and help keep the blog going would now be appreciated more than ever. Even just one post a month of a news piece or game review can help make a big difference. If you are interested in contributing details can be found here.

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