indie(Function) 6 with Uriel Griffin, iOS5 HTML5 Speed

Uriel Griffin was the guest interviewee in this week’s indie(Radio) and indie(Magazine).
Writing of his use of GameMaker for Mac Uriel states that “we’ve made around 2,500 dollars” from the Mac App Store. Presumably this “we” encompasses the total revenues which are split between original game developers such as Jesse Venbrux and Uriel who modifies the original PC titles through his Vetra Games label. Vetra have published 5 games so far.
indie(Radio) 6: [mp3]
indie(Magazine) 6: [left-click pdf]

Mike Dailly is impressed with the performance of HTML5 on the next version of Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. Testing a GameMaker developed HTML5 animation on the beta of iOS5 Mike tweeted that it ran at “10-15 times the speed of iOS4.4”. A test animation which was “1/5 the size of the Flash version” achieved 60fps as an iOS web app. [Mike Dailly’s Twitter]

TrueValhalla has posted about the donations his projects have received at the Myriad Online forum.

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