Construct 2 Licence Prices Revealed: Free – $255

Scirra Construct 2Yesterday Scirra launched the licensing programme for their Construct 2 HTML5 game maker.

There are three versions of the software. The free edition places limits on the number of resources that can be used within a game and restricts access to certain features. The Standard ($65) and Business ($255) packages remove most of these restrictions.

Early adopter licences give purchasers a 50% discount off the normal prices which are quoted above.

At its full price the Business version of Construct 2 is more expensive that YoYo Games’ GameMaker HTML5 ($199), however the Business version only needs to be purchased by businesses or individuals that have taken over $5,000 in revenue from their games.

What do you think?

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  1. I think the most important thing to note here is that other exporters are planned to be released for Construct 2, as well as a whole SDK for developing exporters. This means that it could potentially export to any device that someone makes an exporter for.

    In fact, someone is already working on an XNA exporter for it right now.

  2. xot :It’s just ones and zeros. Really.

    That’s a joke right ?

    Yeah it’s a big pain to write even a simple game in JS/HTML5. I did it so i know. JS is not suitable for it , not even near. So if you want to make a game with a min of quality a tool like Construct is invaluable.

  3. Good Job for Construct 2 :D, I think even StencylWorks too will support HTML5.
    the more options for indie game developers, the more game engines will release and also will help to discount the engines price, sound like a competition.

  4. Hi there, hope it’s ok for me to post here (please delete if not), but we don’t think the price is insanely high.

    99% of people will simply require the Standard Edition which is estimated to be around $65 on release, but right now you can pick up an Early Adopter license for $33. That’s $33 total – for Construct 2! We’ve tried to make it as affordable as possible for all indie devs.

    We also have a free edition, which is free 🙂

    • My guess is its because HTML5 is the big new thing right now, so everyone’s trying to cash in on it. It remains to be seen if people are willing to pay these sorts of prices for that capability though. I guess time will tell.

  5. It looks like the $65 license for Construct 2 is the only one most people will need, so its substantially cheaper than Game maker HTML5. Plus, their simple, portable, licensing scheme sounds way more user-friendly than Game Maker’s iron-fisted DRM. Based on these, I have to say that Scirra seems to understand (and respect) their customer base more than YoYo Games does.

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