Community Links: Look at GameMaker HTML5 Alpha, indie(Magazine) 11, Venbrux and Vlambeer

Game Maker Community administrator Chronic has posted about his experiences using the closed Alpha version of GameMaker HTML5 at the forum.  YoYo Games’ Russell Kay has been answering users’ questions in the same topic.

Issue 11 of indie(Magazine) was released yesterday (5.4MB .pdf). This latest edition includes reviews of the top 3 games from the recent GMC GameJam and an interview with Andrew Brophy. Uriel Griffin also writes that Jesse Venbrux’s You Still Won’t Make It has sold around 4,000 copies at the Mac App Store.

The mobile versions of Jesse Venbrux’s They Need to Be Fed have been updated and now feature an additional 32 levels. [yyg]

Jan Willem Nijman (half of Vlambeer creators of Super Crate Box) is the latest GameMaker user to be interviewed by QuoteUnquote.

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