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In the last week I was contacted by Kay Johnson, who oversaw development of the Game Maker Technology magazine from its November 2006 launch to its 17th and last issue in September 2009.

Since that last release Kay completely left “the GameMaker scene”, time which has seen numerous developments and announcements surrounding the future of the GameMaker software.

In order to summarise what he’d missed since then I first had to remind myself of the major developments that had occurred. This post will serve as a recap for Kay and anyone else interested in a summary of key milestones in the GameMaker (or as it was then Game Maker) community over the last couple of years in one place.


  • Game Maker 8 Released, the first new version in almost 3 years.  Major sprite and script editor updates.



And the magazines we’ve seen launch (and release more than a single issue) since the last GMTech:  GMIndie, KwikLookOverbyteNikc-NackGMAGGame Maker’s DigestThis Is IndieRekameMagindie(Magazine)

Have I missed anything? If you recall any other significant developments with regards to GameMaker please post them in the comments so I can update the list.

What do you think?

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  1. Very nice to see things still moving along with GM development. Above and beyond what I first thought when making the decision to stop making GMTech Magazine.

    A massive thank you to everyone who played a part in the production of the magazine as well as readers over the years.

    All the best to the current crop of GM related magazines, I hope they continue to grow along with GameMaker.

    • I don’t know if you’ll read this, but it was a pleasure working with you Kay (or gamez93 as you used to be called)!

      I still have all the issues ever released (as well as the source files from the last few we made) and re-read them occasionally. We certainly did create a pretty darn good mag didn’t we 😛

  2. Hard to believe so much time passed. And so many magazines were released (and scrapped) since.

    While I’ve been almost completely out of the GM loop, one thing I have kept reading is this blog. So I kindof have an idea of whats what, who’s who, and whats going on, and I’m excited about the new direction.

  3. Thanks Phil, I have been out of the loop the past few years. It seems like a lot of cool stuff has happened since I navigated away from GameMaker. Looking forward to HTML5 and getting back into the GameMaker world again

Community Links: Look at GameMaker HTML5 Alpha, indie(Magazine) 11, Venbrux and Vlambeer

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