YoYoGames releases “YoYo Games Experimental”

More exported content from GameMaker HTML5 has been released by YoYoGames as part of “YoYoGames Experimentalannounced earlier on their blog.  Experimental allows visitors to play demos of “Grave Maker”, “They Need To Be Fed”, “Solitaire HD”, “Mr. Karoshi”, “Maddening” and “SkyDiver HD” in HTML5.

I had a go on all these games with an iPad 2 running iOS 4.2. The blog is right in saying Grave Maker “was written to run well on tablets, specifically the iPad – even on iOS4.2, which is particularly slow for HTML5 content”, as it did run relatively smooth. Solitaire HD and Sky Diver HD ran just as well.  However, graphically heavier games such as They Need To Be Fed weren’t playable.

The games run perfectly on a laptop either way, Safari, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 9 all able to run HTML5 very well.  Releasing these playable game demos enables YoYo Games to collect feedback on cross-platform and browser performance as well as to showcase their latest technology before its public public beta release in September.

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