Game Maker for Mac Released on YoYo Games App Store

YoYo Games App Stor

Game Maker 7 for Mac has been released for sale at the new YoYo Games app store.  The free version offers all the features available in the full version but has a 10 hour usage limit.  Upgrading via the App Store will normally cost $25 but until September 1st the price is reduced to $20.

Download Game Maker for Mac

One feature in Game Maker for Mac has which has yet to be added to the PC version is a built-in automatic updating system.  Hopefully this will be added to the PC version soon so we can look forward to more regular updates.

The App store [our earlier thoughts] has been ready for a while but this is the first time it has been seen in public. Eventually the idea is to sell high quality Game Maker games through the website with YoYo Games earning a commission.

At the time of writing the App Store and Game Maker for Mac are yet to be integrated into the main website.

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