Play Remaddening and They Need to be Fed in GameMaker HTML5

R5Maddening in ChromeYoYo Games employee Andrew McCluskey has posted online the first publicly playable game created using the HTML5 version of GameMaker.

R5Maddening is a version of Remaddening created using an early build of GameMaker HTML5, which is currently in closed alpha.

Update: A HTML5 version of Jesse Venbrux’s They Need to be Fed is also available to play at

It would be interesting to know what levels of performance you experience when playing (or trying to play!) the games.

What do you think?

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  1. It is running pretty fast for me… which version of Chrome are you on 13.0.782.112 here and without an FPS counter I would say it is 50-60fps

    Also if noone has noticed we have put They Need To Be Fed up on the HTML5 page at

    Neither of these games have been engineered specifically for HTML5 and are just straight recompiles of the Windows / iOS versions…. Enjoy!

    • I just tried again after updating Chrome to 13.0.782.112. No change in performance for me. Also tried it in the latest Opera Next (Nightly Builds) which is Opera 12. Once again no change in performance. I had planned on buying into HTML5. After these demos I’m not so sure i want to spend my money.

    • M5DDENING is really fun, and plays full speed for me. There are rays in the background and the color selector doesn’t work, though. They Need to Be Fed works great as well, with only a slight pause after completing levels (and a huge physics glitch, which may be irrephant to HTML5). I also noticed audio doesn’t work for either. I’m hoping this’ll be worked out eventually. 🙂

      Intel Integrated Graphics
      Celeron 2GHz
      2GB RAM
      Google Chrome

  2. As a quick FYI, the screen shake is due to my using an older copy of the Remaddening editable to create the HTML5 version (madnessMADNESSmadness used screen shake to cover up a minor platform engine glitch; Remaddening did too initially but once I discovered a fix I updated it to remove the shake and make the game smoother).

    Other discrepancies between the HTML5 and original PC versions, such as the “rays” in the background and the colouriser not working in some browsers, may well just be things that aren’t fixed yet. I was just given the “okay” from Mike to publish something in HTML5, so I did 🙂

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