Vlambeer’s Serious Sam: The Random Encounter Published to Steam

Croteam and Devolver Digital yesterday published Vlambeer’s Serious Sam: The Random Encounter on Steam.

Vlambeer were approached to create the licensed game which is one of only a handful of Game Maker created games to appear on the distribution platform. Several Game Maker games have been rewritten in a different language before subsequently appearing on Steam but very few have appeared in their Game Maker form.

According to the Vlambeer Twitter account the team has already hit their target sales figure needed to buy a Mac so they will now attempt a Mac port of the title.

Legend of Fae is at least one other Game Maker game which is available on Steam. If you are aware of any other native Game Maker games that are available please post them in the comments.

Serious Sam: The Random Encounter currently sells for £3.99 on Steam.

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  • Review of the game at RockPaperShotgun
  • Jan Willem Nijman and Rami Ismail from Vlambeer recently gave an interview to Bret Hudson. The first part has been transcripted in indie(Magazine) issue 17, though the link to the full audio version doesn’t currently appear to work.
  • Interview with Vlambeer about the game and how it came about on the Indie Games Channel
  • You can win a copy of Serious Sam: The Random Encounter by retweeting this tweet from indie(Function).

Thanks to BlueMaxima for the tip!

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