Community Links: Stencyl iOS Exporter Price, Piotr in Dundee, Dustforce

  • The pricing details for Stencyl’s iOS exporter has been announced. A $149 a year subscription will enable users to publish their games to the iTunes store providing they have an Apple Developer account. A free version exists but this watermarks creations and doesn’t allow for publishing to the store.
  • Stencyl also recently nice promo on the BBC’s Click technology programme, positioning itself the best way to get started in game development – something I’m sure GameMaker would like to be billed as.
  • Dutch game designed Kjell ‘t Hoen, who created Rick O’Shea whilst at YoYo Games returned to Holland after six weeks in Scotland yesterday. Flying in the other direction comes Piotr Gnys who arrived in Dundee earlier today from Poland.
  • Quick catch-up interview with the creators of Dustforce. The prize-winning GameMaker created prototype is being rewritten and should be available on Steam from the middle of January 2012. also have a post on this which contains a gameplay video.
  • The website of indieFunction, who had announced they were going on hiatus until the January 2012, is back online after earlier being suspended.  Hopefully this means that the publisher of indie(Magazine) will indeed return and continue to release new issues.

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