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GameMaker: Studio Now Available for Free

A free version of GameMaker:Studio has been released as part of a restructing of the GameMaker hierarchy.

The changes come after the anticipated 1.1 update for GameMaker: Studio was rolled out four days a go.

Now part of what is being called the “GameMaker: Studio Family” the free edition allows anybody to create and publish games to Windows and OS X.

Unlike previous “Lite” versions of GM, the free edition of Studio has a resource limit, rationing out just fifteen objects and five rooms, among other game content caps.

You can now also purchase “GameMaker: Studio Standard” which costs $49USD and removes the game content limitations. It does however lack some extra bells and whistles, such as features for easier team development included in the most expensive version of GM:S.

The original version of GameMaker:Studio is now named the “Professional” edition, keeping its cost of $99USD. It remains to be the only version which allows for the addition of the iOS and Android modules (an extra $199USD respectively) as well as the HTML5 module (an additional $99USD).

The changes will allow those who could not initially afford GameMaker:Studio the chance to develop computer games crossplatform. It also allows cautious potential buyers to try the software before committing to a purchase.

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