Weekend Community Links: Scirra Arcade, GMX Cleaner, GMC Jam

Scirra recently did a interesting interview with MarketJS, which is website that is a site that aims to connect HTML5 developers with publishers. The interview covers the different different types of publishing agreements available and an estimate on how much each type of licence sells for.

Gnysek updated his GMX Cleaner during the week, a .net app that deletes resources off your disk that are no longer used by project’s resource tree.

Wanderlust: Rebirth is now on Steam, you can grab it at the moment for $7.50, which is 25% off the regular price.

The GMC #7 72 hour Game Jam has just started, with the theme of “Two Worlds” and a handicap of “at least one cutscene”. You can enter or view the development logs here.

The Scirra HTML5 Arcade has hit the milestone of one million plays during the week. It still has a long road to go until it catches the YoYoGames Sandbox, which has close to 20 million plays at time of writing.

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Weekend Community Links: GMDN, GM4Mac, Cinders Release

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