Weekend Community Links: GMDN, GM4Mac, Cinders Release

Game Maker Developers Network – Carlos Ramos has released a slightly humorous trailer of the GMDN which he plans to take into closed beta on August the 1st.

YoYoGames have dropped the price of Game Maker for Mac to $19.99, half the regular price for a limited time sale.

Tom Grochowiak made a interesting post a few weeks back about initial release and sales figures of Cinders and is well worth a read.

TrueValhalla has started to take pre-orders on his Making Money with HTML5 eBook, which is a guide on how to take a HTML5 game and turn it into a sellable product.

YellowAfterlife has released a couple useful examples for GameMaker 8.1, including a simple lighting system and a pause menu.

What do you think?

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