Introducing Tech Bits: Quick Technical Posts to help every Developer

The world of game making has evolved into so much more than just creating a game and GameMakerBlog is committed to helping Indie Game Developers expand into full stack developers by introducing a new section called: Tech Bits.

In this new section will be posts on everything from creating AWS servers to Creating a budget as an Indie Developer. Technology is increasing at an amazing pace and we think that all information is good information but we also do not want to drive away the main focus of GameMakerBlog: Showing off the great games and developers that use GameMaker, so to accomplish this, Tech Bits will remain as a separate section and the posts will not show up on the front page but can be easily accessed from the main menu.

If you have any posts you want to contribute, feel free to drop us a line at either:

Leave any questions or comments below.

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