Mobile Monetization Models or How to Make Money


Ah, mobile monetization—the art of squeezing money out of people who are already broke. It’s 2023, folks. Inflation is higher than a college student on 4/20, and we’re in a global recession. But hey, your app still needs to make money, right? Let’s dive into this financial quagmire together.

Existing Monetization Models: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


Ah, the freemium model. It’s like dating: everything starts free, and then you realize you have to pay to actually enjoy yourself.

In-App Purchases

In-app purchases, or as I like to call them, “the gateway drug to financial ruin.” You start with a $0.99 power-up and end up selling your car.


Subscriptions are the gym memberships of the app world. You sign up, forget about it, and suddenly you’re paying for a service you never use.


Ads are the mosquitoes of the mobile world. Annoying, everywhere, and you’re not entirely sure who’s benefiting from them.

Postulated Monetization Models: Because We Need New Ways to Make You Poorer


In the spirit of the recession, how about a “pay-what-you-can” model? It’s like a tip jar, but for apps.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing based on economic indicators. The worse the economy, the cheaper the app. It’s like surge pricing but in reverse.

Skill-Based Rewards

How about monetizing based on skill? The better you are at the game, the less you pay. It’s capitalism meets meritocracy.

NFT Integration

NFTs are all the rage. Why not integrate them into your app? Own a piece of the app, literally. Just don’t ask me to explain how it works.

Let’s Get Interactive: Because I Want to Hear How Broke You Are

So, what do you think? Got any groundbreaking ideas for mobile monetization? Drop a comment below and let’s make financial history together. Or at least let’s pretend we’re doing something productive.

What do you think?

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