Sokpop drops Bamboo EP

Sokpop Collective’s newly released Bamboo Ep truly lives up to it’s name. The collection of three short bamboo-themed games is perfectly described by those recordings longer than a single, shorter than an album, and definitely worth listening to. Bamboo Moon, Bamboo Ball, and Bamboo Heart are the playful and intuitive tracks combined to make this cohesive EP.

5 GameMaker Cliches To Avoid

GameMaker is a wonderful tool and it allows those with creative ideas who don’t have all the technical know-how to produce their own games. But after many years, we’ve seen a lot of home brew games, and it’s about time some cliche features and thoughtless design failures are put to rest once and for all.

Designing for Hardcore Gamers and Casual Gamers

There are so many different potential players of your game and it can be hard to make your game suit different tastes.  Here I examine two broad gamer definitions that can be expand into many more. Hardcore Gamers You can always pick one out of a group of people; they eat, sleep, dream, and talk game experience. One thing and one thing only is what hardcore gamers believe – The Game Is The Life.  These Read more…

New look GMTech forum

A few days after introducing a new design on their main website, GMTech have changed their forum skin to a far more professional and clean-looking design. Issue 13 of the GameMaker Tech magazine is due to be released in early August.

New GMTV Website

“We have decided to release the website earlier then episode 4 because we are having some more delays, and we thought you would like to know what’s going on and of course see the brand new site“ At least they have finally released something! Along with the new website, they have also updated the look of the forum to a more welcoming design. Even though it does still remain very empty. The latest news on Read more…

New GameMaker Blog lineup

After nearly a year online I am pleased to announce that GameMaker Blog now has secured the services of 3 new bloggers. Also, as you have probably noticed if you are regular reader there is a new design. Please give me your feedback good or bad. Grego Tyler who joined GMB in September last year has stepped down as his “Gamemaker days are over”. We wish him the best. Jinxtengu has been demoted to Subscriber Read more…

GMA new design

Following on from your comments today the Game Maker Affiliation Service has a new design. Nothing amazing but I hope you will agree it is an improvement on the total lack of design which was there previously.