New GameMaker Blog lineup

After nearly a year online I am pleased to announce that GameMaker Blog now has secured the services of 3 new bloggers.

Also, as you have probably noticed if you are regular reader there is a new design. Please give me your feedback good or bad.

Grego Tyler who joined GMB in September last year has stepped down as his “Gamemaker days are over”. We wish him the best.

Jinxtengu has been demoted to Subscriber status following his suicide cult post and other low quality postings.

Here is a summary of the current bloggers:

GameMaker Blog is managed by Philip Gamble a year 13 computing student from the UK who is a regular contributor to the MarkUp game development magazine.

tuntis, a Finnish student is a staff member at MarkUp.

gamez93, UK, is the owner of the popular and rapidly improving GameMaker magazine GameMaker Tech where he manages a team of around 20 staff members.

Brad Triebwasser runs RevelGames and considers himself to be a good web designer. Brad is 14, lives in Canada and is currently learning C++.

Dan Eggers is leader of the GameMakerTV project in which he presents video reviews of GameMaker games and features interviews with prominent community members. Dan is 14 and from the United States.

These new bloggers should enable us to bring you news and opinion on a wider range of GameMaker matters, and the addition of members from North America should mean we are better able to report on big news stories whenever they happen.

Welcome to the 3 new bloggers!

18 Replies to “New GameMaker Blog lineup”

  • I liked the old design better, it looked much happier with the blues.

    This grey one makes me feel depressed 🙁

  • For everybody agreeing with me: it seems that when pressing the Submit comment button on this page is actually a button to change the layout. 😛 This one looks a lot better, but I think the line height is a bit large. Maybe the font size of the comments should be reduced a bit compared to the article itself. My remarks about Select-elements in the side bar do still apply, I think.

  • To save space to fit all stuff in one column, the “Categories” and “Last 10 posts” blocks with links could be turned into Select-elements with JavaScript in the onchange-attribute. Especially “Categories” takes up a lot of space right now.

    Tuntis, if you say it’s Georgia, then I’ll believe it. My point is that serif and sans-serif fonts should not be used together on the same page.

  • Thanks for the feedback Blijbol.
    I agree with you on the font issue, it does look quite strange having two contrasting text styles. As for the sidebars I am hard pushed either way, before I had recieved some comments asking for more stuff in the sidebar, e.g. a tag cloud (which was far to ugly and had to be removed). Although I must admit I do agree that perhaps the space dedicated to blog posts should be greater, specifically wider.

  • I don’t know what you’re running on, but the comment font is Georgia.

    …i guess some parts of the theme might need minor tweaking, but it’s ok to me

  • It doesn’t make sense to use Times New Roman for comments and Verdana for the rest. Two columns with stuff on the right leaves to little room for the main content: make it one column again (maybe with expandable/collapsable blocks of stuff). Also I think I preferred the old colour scheme.

  • haha, this is turning into some kind of Game Maker periodical get together blog, MU, GMT, and GMTV all together. You just need to get GMM involved 😉

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