Poll – Which Platforms Are You Interested In Making Games For?

It has been over a year since GameMaker Studio was launched, and the powerful game development engine now exports to a variety of platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, HTML5, iOS, Android, Ubuntu, Windows Phone 8, and recently Tizen. We’re curious to know which of these platforms GameMaker users value the most. Vote for the platforms which interest you in our poll below, and leave a comment explaining your vote if you’d like.

New GMB Feature: Vote.

You can now vote “for” or “against” posts on GameMakerBlog. If you like a post, press the green button to vote for it. If you dislike a post press the red arrow to vote against it. Based on the number of positive and negative votes received each post will be given a ‘quality’ score. That way I know what you want to read about and I can take action against those who post low quality Read more…