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Poll – Which Platforms Are You Interested In Making Games For?

It has been over a year since GameMaker Studio was launched, and the powerful game development engine now exports to a variety of platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, HTML5, iOS, Android, Ubuntu, Windows Phone 8, and recently Tizen.

We’re curious to know which of these platforms GameMaker users value the most. Vote for the platforms which interest you in our poll below, and leave a comment explaining your vote if you’d like.

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What do you think?

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  1. I’m also with Nocturne though I didn’t check them all. I haven’t a clue what Tizen is but I’ll find out soon with a search. I want to hit every possible market out there. I’m finally at the place in my life where dealing with selling the games is worth the time and effort. Money, well … that’s a whole different story. I’m a senior citizen on a fixed income and money has to be used for things like rent and food and medicine before I can even consider investing in selling my games. I’m working on that using my talent for sewing and eBay to raise the money for such a venture.

  2. I’m only really interested in HTML5 and Ubuntu. Of course I’m not complaining about getting Windows and OS X, so I ticked those too. I would say Google Play, but I’m still no fan of hardcore games on mobile devices.
    I’m almost certainly biased, but I think that PC is the best platform for gaming. I just love mashing keyboards furiously. <3

  3. In no particular order:
    Windows and Ubuntu are my primary release platforms. I use HTML5 whenever I can (I can’t on my current project because 3D), and although I haven’t done anything in Android yet, I have the licenses and accounts set up and am ready to move in soon. I didn’t mark Tizen because I haven’t done much research on it or what exporting to it would require from me, but I’m also interested in seeing if that would be something I’d want to do.

  4. In order: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS.
    Why? I think games have a bigger impact with more available options for Desktop, whilst portable devices have a great sense of ‘touch’ to create an alternative experience.

    I only chose these platforms because I have only used these ones before, so I feel more comfortable developing for them.

  5. Voted for the desktop platforms. Not terribly interested in HTML5 as I don’t enjoy playing games in a browser, but I do like to be able to quickly publish to html5 for demoing things or quick test builds to friends. Mobile I’m less interested in only because there aren’t many games I want to make for touch controls. Windows 8 Mobile has no market outside of Microsoft employees, and Tizen I’d never heard of until the last GM build; no idea why it’s supported.

  6. That would primarily be Windows, for its high processing power compared to the other markets. Mac OS X I don’t care about, but with GameMaker Studio it’s so easy that if I did make a Windows game, it would likely be ported to Mac OS X too.

    I ticked iOS as well. Not because I like the market or the games on it, but because it’s just too thriving a market to ignore, if you have the export module for it. It’s too good and it’s too easy to develop for, with GameMaker Studio. Although I must admit the mere thought of making any more iOS games gives me vertigo.

  7. Well, according to Sony, they are really reaching out to the indie scene with the PS4. With that said, I think it would be neat to have that as a development platform

  8. I’m interested in Windows (PC), Mac OS X, HTML5, and iOS. I’ve published games for all of those platforms except iOS so far. They are what I consider to be the best platforms for monetization and distribution of games, free or paid.

    Android doesn’t interest me due to being a generally poor market, I’m not a Linux user and have little interest in becoming one, Windows 8 Phone has a tiny market share and doesn’t appeal to me, and Tizen is, well, Tizen.

  9. Windows
    Mac OS X
    Ubuntu Linux

    Don’t really care about Windows 8, Windows 8 Phone, or Tizen yet.

    I’d rank HTML5 over Windows IF it were better supported. There’s too many things that you can’t to still in HTML5.

    What platforms would I like to see?

    XBox Live Arcade
    Adobe Flash (I know it’ll never happen, but fact is you can STILL make a better game experience in Flash than you can in HTML5, and until HTML5 catches up, I’ll want Flash as a build target.)
    Steam (not just the Greenlight option which allows you to distribute free versions of your games, but actual Steam Marketplace, so you can sell games directly on Steam.)

    bonus points: I’d REALLY like to see the IDE ported to Ubuntu linux, as well, because the day this happens, I will have no reason to boot into Windows anymore.

    • HTML5 has caught up – in Firefox. Have you ever heard of asm.js? It ports C++ code to compiled JavaScript. The resulting code is really fast, and works for all browsers (although only Firefox is the only browser optimized for it). But you’re correct, YoYo needs to add more HTML5 support first. But just understand that it could be better than Flash if done correctly. Both Flash and HTML5 use JIT, but with AIT in asm.js, HTML5 has a larger chance of winning.

      If you want an IDE for Linux, Lateral GM is still available and is still being updated.

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