YoYo Games Move To New ‘DundeeOne’ Office

Today, YoYo Games are moving into a brand new office, located on the fourth floor of the “DundeeOne” building within the $1.5bn Dundee Waterfront development. The building’s address is 5 West Victoria Dock Road, Dundee, Scotland, and the office itself boasts 8,611 square feet of space. YoYo Game’s flagship product, GameMaker Studio, was launched just over a year ago and has been well received by the GameMaker community, fueling the company’s growth.

CEO Sandy Duncan, said:

“The business is growing rapidly and we need top quality flexible office space that will reflect the scale of our ambitions whilst providing our staff with an environment in which they can continue to do great work.”

According to a recent article on BBC News, YoYo Games currently employ 25 people and are planning to double their staff with new positions in software engineering, systems development, and notably, sales and customer service.

2 Replies to “YoYo Games Move To New ‘DundeeOne’ Office”

  • Best of luck to them and looking forward to this resulting in a better product. Although that will take time as the new people have to get familiar with the product and the existing staff have to divert energy to helping the new people. Either way, should be a good move.

    That floor plan is horrible though. That is just my personal opinion.

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