Summer gamemaking

on July 19, 2007 - 2219 Views

I haven’t been making many posts recently and with the summer coming up (not in weather terms) you may expect me to say that I will be updating gamemakerblog more frequently.  In fact the opposite is probably the case. Over the summer break I will be spending more time working on GMKing projects such as the MarkUp game development magazine and the audcast.  I will also be trying to make some progress with which will hopefully be providing some gamemaker video tutorials.

On the game making side perhaps I will finally get around to working on a new project,…

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2 Responses to Summer gamemaking

  1. Grego says:

    A new project, eh?

    You could always help with mine 😀

  2. Eyas says:

    YAY.. A GAIME!!

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