Drip Drop, LEAK

on August 22, 2007 - 6008 Views

You know that other GameMaker TV website…..

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19 Responses to Drip Drop, LEAK

  1. Phil Gamble says:

    The video has been removed.

  2. Nateistoraw says:

    I edited their video here we go:

  3. Nateistoraw says:

    how can I view the video?

  4. tuntis says:

    Should have saved both

  5. Danny says:

    Im turining off save feature

  6. Phil Gamble says:

    Save what, the f-off version?

  7. tuntis says:

    *Damn, should have learned from my previous mistake of not saving!*

  8. Danny says:

    Haven’t removed made private because it was an immature thing to do on my part.

  9. Phil Gamble says:

    Yes the clip has been made private again, aka Danny has removed it.

  10. Grego says:

    Danny, you’re so mature it blinds me! I wish I could run a project as sensibly as you! My trust is now entirely in GMTV to be a productive and thought-provoking initiative!

  11. tuntis says:

    oh by the way learn to spell

  12. tuntis says:

    I LOL’D.

    “without permission”

    Your mistake for making it public, smartass.

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  14. Phil Gamble says:

    Unfortunantly offering an embed option on your clip enables people to do this….

  15. Danny says:

    Yes you thought you leaked the video until i replaced it with what you see now.

  16. Robin Monks says:

    “This clip is private”


  17. gamez93 says:

    What happened, the video is private, are you two the only ones who can see it?

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