Orbit Effect

on September 29, 2007 - 3459 Views

GMTV LogoGMTV are back with a second weekend extra tutorial, this time explaining how to make a “Orbiting Effect” without using paths. Most of the tutorial seems fine although it is very fast and I hate the way that the code is given out.

There is still no sign of the first full epsiode though yet.


Watch the first episode.

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8 Responses to Orbit Effect

  1. Phil Gamble says:

    Well I don’t have a problem with it. 2/2 videos posted so far. Gives people a chance to give feedback.

  2. Grego says:

    Phil, you’re posting all their videos here, which is essentially just advertising them =P

    Is that really what you want to do?

  3. Phil Gamble says:

    You can use HTML to format your comments.

    I don’t think this is a terrible tutorial by any means but it could certainly do with some improvements.

  4. Robin Monks says:

    Nah, it’s just almost that bad 😉


  5. Rusky says:

    If they put more advanced content and targeted more experienced users and explained the code they used their approach would be awesome.

    It’s not that bad really.

  6. tuntis says:

    WoW, WoW @ desktop!

  7. Eyas Sharaiha says:

    It might be just how weekend extras are, but I don’t think this is helpful for novice users. And in most cases, advanced users already know this.

    For novice users, you must not speed the tutorial up, and it must be shown in great detail, so:
    “Now we create an object, we’ll call it p_orbiter”, for example. The code also needs to be explained.

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