ShadePlay23’s Game Maker School

on December 23, 2007 - 12590 Views

Shadeplay23 is the mysterious man behind Game Maker School . He won’t tell you what he does for a living and claims to be both 26 and 27 at the same time on his own forum. As for his date of birth you can take your pick from the three options provided by shadeplay23 in different forums: Jan-26-1980, Feb-19-1980 and March-27-1981.

Trustworthy, honest, competent and full of integrity. I’m sure the project will be a blinding success.

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26 Responses to ShadePlay23’s Game Maker School

  1. […] insulted by Austin Lindgren, aka ShadePlay23 from ShadePlay23’s GameMakerSchool. ShadePlay is not 26, 27, 23 or even 19 as claimed at various […]

  2. toby says:

    Why all the negativity towards shadeplay23. Did he do something wrong? America’s the land of opportunity — let’s give him an opportunity to succeed. Last I checked, you can “turn the channel” if you don’t want to read the forum.

  3. Shadeplay23 says:

    I bought an IPB website. An IPB forum takes more than you think. Not much more, but a little more than IF.

    No more Weebly. Once my IPB site is finished, I will make the Weebly site redirect to the new one.

  4. Ben says:

    I liked the idea. But anyone with have a brain cell can make a forum using IPB. And your also using Weebly… Which I despise almost as much as freewebs. Please rethink it through Shadeplay.

  5. Shadeplay23 says:

    I know. 🙂
    Shadeplay will stop.

  6. Leif902 says:

    I’m not so sure you are either. I’d love to see your site take of Shadeplay, but I’m not so sure it’s going to, that being said, I do think a good GM “school” could be a great resource for beginners (though I think an “expert” class might not work out so well, you might as well just have discussion).

    If you can get this working, good, but until you do don’t complain when you get a bad review 🙂
    – Leif

  7. Phil Gamble says:

    You can rent it from IPB with their hosting package.

  8. gamez93 says:

    How did you get an IPB forum for only £30?

  9. Shadeplay23 says:

    Did nateistoraw do everything he could to help advertise and make the site better? No he didn’t.

  10. Eyas Sharaiha says:

    If its a good host, then you’ll be handling the ‘pressure’. So you’ve got nothing to worry about.

  11. Danny says:

    Nateistoraw the old creator of the failure GMHV said he knows what hes doing too now look at where GMHV is.

  12. Shadeplay23 says:

    Tuntis, I’m not heading towards failure…I know what I’m doing. I’ve been pre-planning everything, and soon this is all going to fall in place.

    Eyas, I know about search engine spiders, but I never though I’d receive 130 per day at average.

    Eyas Shariaha, I use IPB: A great host. (The best in my opinion.) I don’t think I’ll be switching. 🙂

  13. Eyas Sharaiha says:

    I don’t even think GMB generated ANY traffic.. my theory is: he’s getting regular day-to-day traffic. If that’s true, dude, get a better host.

  14. Phil Gamble says:

    One of the great laws: “If you are going to lie do it consistently”. There is nothing wrong with being 19. I am 17.

  15. tuntis says:

    Shadeplay23: if your site can’t even take the minimal traffic this blog sends sites, you’re already heading towards failure.

  16. Eyas says:

    New websites always have an enormous number of guests, most of them are spiders and spambots. Its just the natural cycle, you might get 90 guests at one moment in time, no one’s trying to mess with ya.

  17. Shadeplay23 says:

    No, that is one of the worst laws; Not a great one. Now that that’s over, I have one question. Are you GMB guys the ones coming to my forums as guests and hogging all of my bandwidth? If so, I would like to have a talk about that…

  18. gamez93 says:

    I agree, they need to plan through everything before just starting

  19. Shadeplay23 says:

    Oh, and sorry for leaving this out…The IPB board is not nulled. I bought it with my website, and my domain. Please, see that really, my Game Maker School is probably going to be a success no one saw coming.

  20. Shadeplay23 says:

    Hello All,
    Danny, no need to try to insult me. GM School is making deals with YYG, so I wouldn’t expect it to die horribly and painfully. I am actually 19. 27 was my starting “age,” and I decided to go with 26 instead. I forgot to change my date, though. 😉

    The Game Maker School is here to amaze you. Bring down the GMS as much as you want… Really, no insult is enough for me to cancel it. Unlike ash007, I have much more determination. The reason I said “my living is kind of personal” is that I don’t really do much; Which is why you see me on a lot. It would have to make me admit my real age of 19, etc. ;(

    Anyway, I hope this comment wraps things up a little.


  21. Faltzer says:

    This is only the beginning of GMS, but I await something impressive in order for it to actually bring me down on my knees. But in my honest opinion, if the GMS wants to grow and prosper with students, then they really need to get more competent and serious teachers in Game Maker. Virtually, anybody with novice Game Maker skills can just make a forum using phpBB saying that they will be giving classes to other users.

  22. Phil Gamble says:

    Apparently they are renting it for two months.
    Don’t mention IPB I brought a license and haven’t used it.

  23. Danny says:

    He probably is really young around my age if not younger. So people don’t say “…pathetic child…” and things along those lines. However I believe GM school is a conpletly stupid, unneeded idea, which won’t take off and will die painfully.

  24. tuntis says:

    The horrible logo of their forums already explains a total failure. Wonder if the IPB board is a “less than legally acquired version”

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