Winter Competition Results

on January 10, 2008 - 2820 Views

YoYo’s five judges have announced the results of their $1750 winter competition. The panel was made up of Sandy Duncan, Mark Overmars, Jim, Michel and Clayts. A total of 236 games were uploaded covering a wide range of gameplay and of course quality.

There had been some complaints by users entering the competition regarding the contest deadline – mostly involving the javascript countdown YoYo had on their site showing the amount of time people had left to send in their games – but the contest seems to have come up with its winners in an uncontroversial and rapid manner. Hurrah. Let’s hope YYG continue like this for the rest of 2008. A new competition will be announced shortly.

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6 Responses to Winter Competition Results

  1. […] previous works, most notably the 360° gravity well-known from Frozzd (his winning entry into the first YoYo Games competition over two years ago) and improved with the lesser-known Maru, a game released earlier this year. […]

  2. […] puzzle game, created by 2DCube who was also responsible for producing Frozzd which won the YYG winter competition, requires brain power and co-operation between the characters you control. Suicide certainly […]

  3. the_muffin_man says:

    Yeah, I think Frozzd is heavily overrated as well. It was still better than a lot of the submissions, but the gameplay was too simple and the gravity didn’t even work that well.

    It was almost funny though how they claim the game is “more interesting than [Super Paper Mario and Super Mario Galaxy.]” Give me a break.

  4. Phil Gamble says:

    Well you weren’t a judge :P.

  5. alex_pof says:

    I would also agree that Frozzd wasn’t the best game out there. Although the graphics and sounds were amazing i felt that the replay value along with the slow and repetitive game play were bad enough, albeit still really good, weren’t good enough to earn the first place.

  6. Danny says:

    I don’t agree with the winner- The winning game is such a boring one that only has good graphics.

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