Is it time to deprecate mplay?

on April 23, 2008 - 3599 Views

NPT thinks so. He has decent arguments: it uses a deprecated part of the DirectX API — and not even the newest version of it.

Read his full post. He also suggests YYG to make 39DLL an official extension. What do you think? (essential request for comments: check.)

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12 Responses to Is it time to deprecate mplay?

  1. Broxter says:

    Yep, they should make it an official extension.

  2. Blijbol says:

    Rusky, I disagree. 39DLL is a lot harder to use than Mplay. That’s why I suggested to rewrite Mplay using e.g. 39DLL.

  3. Rusky says:

    or you could just not use mplay and use 39dll. it’s not that hard.

  4. F1ak3r says:

    Delete ’em.

    @The topic of this post: Yes. NPT is right. Deprecate Mplay, buy 39DLL. Brilliant idea. If NPT had a position at YYG, maybe it would work better :).

  5. Mattthew_H says:

    I never really got to into making Online games, i did make a simple chat system for my friends at school, but it wasn’t that good really.
    Yes, I do agree with 39DLL being good, maybe Yoyo Games should buy it, but i doubt that they would go to the trouble of it.
    And yes, 39DLL, is quite hard to use, compared to Mplay.
    I think that maybe they should re-write a few things in GM, D3D needs to be made faster, thats for sure.
    But Yoyo could just make there own 39DLL styled feature that could replace Mplay.

    There is a lot of things that should be re-written in GM though, but the question is, will Yoyo ever do it?

  6. gamez93 says:

    I have to agree with you – they always seem random.

  7. Blijbol says:

    Mplay should not be deprecated. It should be rewritten (either using the 39DLL or some other way).

  8. I think the guy is absolutely right on the mark.

    err, yeah.

  9. tuntis says:

    Who votes for removing mrsmes’s useless comments?

  10. mrsmes says:

    ok, one word sweet, i like it it’s just what i have always wanted and suggested i can imagine playing the first game of pacman in augumented reality so that is what i meant when i was asking for 5d graphics, wow sweet.

  11. mrsmes says:

    hmm… i am not sure but it sounds interesting.

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