“Instant Play” on your site

on November 14, 2008 - 2330 Views

GMArcade, a website that mimics the instant-play capabilities of YoYo Games, have released for free a script that will enable Game Maker users to make the ability available on their own site.

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5 Responses to “Instant Play” on your site

  1. James Rhodes says:

    I’d better get my Internet Explorer plugin finished then =P.

  2. Phil Gamble says:

    I intend to write a feature comparing the various “Instant Play” style services in the coming week.

  3. James Rhodes says:

    And YAIPP doesn’t even get a look in?

  4. Pretty cool. I like the fact that so many of these scripts are taking the open source model. Makes it easy for talented designers and developers to create cool stuff.

  5. Broxter says:

    I like the fact that no plug-ins have to be downloaded, and also the fact that the games can be hosted on a person’s site.

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