Limited Graphics Competition Results

on November 20, 2008 - 2723 Views

The results of TIA Productions’ limited graphics competition have been released, despite the fact that the main site continues to say that judging is still in progress.

The $100 first prize has been awarded to Spring Loaded [play online | download .zip], a fast-paced platform puzzler, by kbyoyoa.

Explaining the reasons behind the result TIA Productions’ pure-evil020 revealed what it was that made Spring Loaded stand out: “a good menu, good gameplay, well fitted sounds, titles for each level to keep player going, and I think that having a tutorial in your game is very important! a lot of people give up when they just don’t get how to play the game…”

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5 Responses to Limited Graphics Competition Results

  1. […] on a far more negative note it would appear that TIA productions, who successfully held a Limited Graphics competition last year, have done a runner on their Gore competition which promised $115 of cash prizes. The […]

  2. Kbyoyoa says:

    Thanks everyone! Wouldn’t it be awesome if Spring Loaded got featured?

  3. Coolist says:

    Nice NAL. I got third which I’m also happy about, and I think what he placed is exactly what I thought they all deserved. (Or almost) They were all very good.

  4. NAL says:

    I got fourth place, which I’m pleased about. Would’ve been nice to bag the cas but I’d probably just waste it. Besides, my entry got featured on YoYo Games and has nearly hit 3000 plays already, so I seriously can’t complain.

    Congratulations to the winner. It was a deserved victory. 🙂

  5. Mattthew_H says:

    Congratulates to kbyoyoa!
    I haven’t played the game yet, but I will have by tomorrow probably.

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