Mid-week community links

on December 17, 2008 - 2033 Views

  • Check out: James Rhodes has launched the third version of GM-Resources, with an easy to use AJAX front-end. GM-Resources makes it easy to search for sprites and scripts on the Official Game Maker Community.
  • Play: Block Maneouvres 2.2 [ gmc | yyg ] is a fun block-pushing game with 50 pre-built levels, plus a level editor so you can create your own and challenge friends or family members!
  • Get Involved:  FredFredrickson’s cut scene creation contest runs until December 21st.

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5 Responses to Mid-week community links

  1. Broxter says:

    I didn’t even notice… 🙂

  2. Phil Gamble says:

    Will try to do this every week yes, but I missed last week.

  3. legocrazy1 says:

    Yeah, I just now noticed that. Ha ha. It seems like the last one was two weeks, ago, but that’s good enough for me. Keep them coming Phil!

  4. Broxter says:

    Well he’s had enough info so far…
    I think this is the third week of ’em.

  5. legocrazy1 says:

    Are you going to do this every Wednesday? It would be cool, but I don’t know if there’s enough information out there to do it every week. Well you could at least have a game to play I guess.

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