Exclusive Videos: Game Maker Mac Development Progressing

on June 19, 2009 - 13900 Views

A second version of the Game Maker 7 Mac version is due to be sent to those in the closed beta testing scheme soon.

Some screenshots of the second beta version and a couple of videos of it in action can be seen below. Sorry in advance for the poor quality of the videos.  Higher quality longer versions are available here: The editor and A game being run.

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The beta was tested on a  2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo iMac running OS X Leopard.

Our tester said “Game Maker for the Mac beta is fairly good at doing everything Game Maker on the Windows can do. However I bumped into a few glitches such as when I tried to edit a sprite in the sprite editor some windows wouldn’t open and also the YYG loader is extremely slow.

But its a solid start.

Graphics icons could do with some improvements as well.”

Sandy has stated that the look and feel will be the last aspects of the Mac version to be completed.

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23 Responses to Exclusive Videos: Game Maker Mac Development Progressing

  1. CameronT says:

    This looks great! I can hardly wait for the public beta. 🙂
    @RobertO: It depends on whether the extensions use Windows specific functions such as DLL calls. I’m sure that most will work in Mac as long as there aren’t any Windows dependencies.

  2. WHEN IS IT COMING OUT?? says:

    WHEN IS IT COMING OUT?? I want it soooo bad! REALLY BAD…. If you know what I mean…

  3. RobertO says:

    If a app/game written with the Windows version (7) of Gamemaker that has extensions (GEX), will those same extensions install and work on the mac version?

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  5. @JPdude
    A public beta (version 3) will be released soon.

  6. JPdude says:

    I’d LOVE to help out in the testing!

    I dreamed of when Game Maker became a Mac application!

    So, are you allowing more people for the testing process? if you are, how do you get into the beta testing? Cause then, count me in! Please?

    I thought this project was completly dead and a huge thing of the past. oh well, I’m glad for the macintosh betas!

  7. JebusIG says:

    Great, I thought the project for porting it to mac was dead!

    Any release date, or a proximity? Is there a way for me to get in the beta? I would love to help on the testing proccess.


  8. riotmom949 says:

    Just chiming in that there is a *monster* demand for GM running on OSX (or underneath it in Unix) from Mac-based parents wanting to engage their kids. Don’t know if you have a way of measuring that market, but I can tell you that on this Southern California block alone it’s huge. We’ve got these impressive processors and powerful graphics cards, just need developers to step up to the plate….
    Waiting patiently for alpha version

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  11. Mattthew_H says:

    Hopefully a converter, or something inbuilt into GM is made for building on each platform works without having both OS’.

  12. @Tobias R. Currently you can not create Windows versions as the executable files created are saved as .app

  13. Tobias R. says:

    Can I save the game as a .gmk and load this file with the GM-windows-version to create a .exe?

  14. Tobias R. says:

    Great news:) but I have a few questions:
    Running the program in 64-bit?
    Can I create Windows versions (. Exe)?

  15. @Caniac These screenshots are actually from a version inbetween the first and second Mac betas. Although they are closer to the second beta than the first.

    @Chaz13 You’re welcome 😛

  16. Broxter says:

    It’s lookin’ good.

  17. Chaz13 says:

    Wow, I’m honoured it’s used to test out Gore 🙂

  18. SunnyKatt says:

    I want it for linux! grr.

  19. wademcgillis says:

    So, can we see a video of a game that has action, not just placing white dots?

  20. Caniac says:

    So are these the screenshots of the New beta, or the current one?

  21. Bas says:

    That game is called Place the Dots.
    Pretty nice 🙂

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