Official (kinda): No Softwrap in Game Maker 8

on August 11, 2009 - 4525 Views

There has been a lot of vocal opposition to the use of the Softwrap DRM protection of Game Maker 7.  Users have reported that the software would un-register itself, that they had problems installing Game Maker on secondary computers and of problems receiving support almost from day one – over two years ago.

Last month we predicted it would go and today Sandy said “we won’t be using Softwrap for GM8” on Twitter in response to a recently documented explanation of a customer‘s troubles.

Softwrap will not be used in Game Maker 8!

There will however “definitely be online activation”. See our look at the changes in the Game Maker 8 beta help file with regards to a 15-day period after which Game Maker will revert to the free version for a registration key to be activated.

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9 Responses to Official (kinda): No Softwrap in Game Maker 8

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  4. :) says:

    maybe registration number must be send in letter? 🙂

  5. Runknown says:

    Edit: Oh sweet we can edit our comments!

  6. Derme says:

    They will proberly have an “Offline” edition again.

  7. Eyas says:

    Offline activation, as previously done.

  8. Mattthew_H says:

    I wonder how people without an internet connection will go about getting a pro edition.

  9. Caniac says:

    Whoo, and good riddance.

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