Game Maker 7 for Mac – Third Beta (public)

on August 20, 2009 - 4024 Views

The third beta version of Game Maker 7 for Mac has been released.  Unlike the first and second versions which were distributed to a closed group of testers the third is available to everyone.

Access to the Game Maker 7 for Mac third beta (27.2MB) can be gained via the mantis bug tracker where bug reports should be made.

See also: Screenshots and videos of the second Mac beta

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12 Responses to Game Maker 7 for Mac – Third Beta (public)

  1. Ali says:

    That site is never up, I want the damn program!

  2. Extremism says:

    Windows is De-evolution and not tolorable by many including myself, its good to see that Game Maker is attempting to move away from that left behind OS.

  3. […] Wilkins presents an informative section on the third Game Maker Mac beta looking at what should be improved before its full […]

  4. Anonymous coward says:

    @bayan Your point being?
    @hidden object games online For game media, yes.

  5. hidden object games online says:

    I wonder if Mac makes a better platform for games creation than PCs. =)

  6. Mattthew_H says:

    I’m sure that they would compress the runner for when the game is being ‘built’.

  7. bayan says:

    the games you gonna distribute is going to be at least 40MB whether it’s an empty room or even an empty game. Because the runner is 40MB.

  8. @MMs I don’t have a Mac myself but we should be getting some screenshots soon

  9. MMs says:

    Post screen shots of the third beta when you get it =D

  10. bayan says:

    what a huge executable. more than 40mb

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