Game Maker Christmas Wish List

Yo Yo Yo and Merry ChristmasDear Santa Sandy,

For Christmas this year I would like…

  1. The release of Game Maker 8.
  2. An online registration procedure that works painlessly both for new purchasers and those who have purchased Game Maker in 2009
  3. A resolution to the logo dispute. Sorted 🙂
  4. Chrome support for Instant Play (or even better a Java launcher version for all browsers currently not supported).  When I can play Game Maker games in my preferred browser at I will, if I can’t I will either continue to resent loading Firefox or go elsewhere.
  5. Browser share at in November 2009

  6. An announcement of what is coming next both at and for the Game Maker software.
  7. The software on your sites to be kept up to date so that links to pharmacies are not inserted into your blog and the GMC remains secure.
  8. An orange.

What do you want from YoYo Games and Game Maker for Christmas/New Year/the future?

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