Game Maker 8 with DRM will be Released before Christmas

Game Maker 8 LogoGame Maker 8 is on schedule to be released, with Softwrap DRM protection, before Christmas.

Earlier today the second release candidate was taken offline and the bugtracker closed. The YoYo Games website has also recently been updated to fully incorporate the new program logo.  The poll asking GMC members whether they would prefer a pre-2010 Softwrap release or a March 2010 release without the troublesome protection, an idea first mentioned by Sandy last week on GameMaker Blog, has also been closed with the majority of voters wanting an early release.

In a conversation between YoYoGames’ Sandy and Piotr Gnys of the Polish GMClan community regarding the results of a locally held poll (which came out in favour of the Softwrap release) Sandy responded with “looks like you will get an early Xmas present then”.

GameMaker Blog believes a release on Monday 21st or Tuesday 22nd is most likely.

What do you think?

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  1. Well, I would agree with DRM protection if it was utilized more effectively then it was in GM7.

    But the fact is that Softwrap was a NIGHTMARE to deal with, and likely still will be on GM8.

    Many techies such as myself will scrub their hard disks and reinstall windows on occasion (I myself do it every 1-3 months) to wipe out any potential viruses and malware, as well as clean out a cluttered registry.

    I myself have attempted to install windows, then install Game Maker 7 with Pro license, then image my hard disk and just restore from that image every time I want to scrub the disk. Somehow, this does not work and GM7 still reverts to the Lite version upon using the restored disk image, requiring me to once again use another activation.

    It’s great that you get 5 activations this time with GM8, but I still think DRM destroys the freedom you have with the software when you’ve paid for it. Users should be able to reinstall it as much as they want without having to wait anytime between 24 hours and several weeks for an email from Softwrap, something that even Microsoft allows you to do with every version of Windows, even despite how much they are pirated.

  2. @gnysek

    This is not a solution. If I buy something I WANT to use it as long as I want. I WANT to reinstall it without limitation.

    And what about hardware issues? What if my pc die, and I need a new one? -1 activation. This DRM protection based on the installed hardwares. What if I need to replace my died vdeocard, or motherboard? Answer: -1 activation.

    This stupid DRM is absolutly unfair. I decided NOT to buy softwares protected with DRM.
    Plus, DRM can cause BSOD, damage the hardware.

    Developers who use DRM are the same as software pirates. They steal our money, because they force us to buy the software again if the poor user used all 5 activation.

    If you will exceed the 5 activation you can ask the developers for help… they will laugh at your face and will tell you to buy their software again.

    I wanted to buy GM. But not with DRM. I WANT TO USE FREE WHAT I HAVE PAID FOR!


    You may think I’m a pirate.. who angry about this “strong” protection. Well. Everything can be cracked. DRM too.
    I just wanted to say I hate DRM sooo much because I loose the freedom to reinstall the software I BOUGHT.

  3. Why sucks? Cause you formatting your computer every week and you need to input key more than 3 times? I bought GM7 2 years ago and I used my key once, and there isn’t any problems with Softwrap.
    Also, I noticed that only people with cracks, or they who don’t know how to use computer and getting viruses and other weird stuff had problems with GM7 or with Softwrap. Stop watching porno sites, downloading anything anywhere from web – this will prevent you from formatting PC every week or month, and from using key more than one time.
    Do something to keep your computer clean and secure, then 3 activations will be more than you need.

  4. Awesome. I just opened the second release candidate and noticed it said that:

    “You can still use the release candidate till the end of december though. The final version 8.0 will be able to read the game files you created with the release candidate.”

    Possibly indicating that we can use the RC as a Pro version until then, which will be nice since I can’t pay for Pro myself at the moment. :3

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