Softwrap now, or no Softwrap later?

The question remains: Would you like GM8 now with Softwrap, or wait 3-4 months for GM8 with no Softwrap? The official poll has been posted on the GMC which allow users to have their say in the matter. As Sandy mentioned on the official glog, it will take the approximately 3 to 4 months for YoYo Games to implement their own registration system. If the Game Maker Community is in favor of keeping Softwrap, Game Maker 8 should be available before 2010. Otherwise, GM 8 will not become available until March 2010 or later.

The situation is pretty simple. Game Maker 8 is pretty much finished. Mark has taken a few days vacation to do a few small fixes and we’ll be happy that we can release the product. BUT we can only do this quickly if we use Softwrap again.

Again, voting can be done at the Game Maker Community.

What do you think?

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  1. My other idea:

    The downloadable version comes with DRM. Everybody who buy GM will get a private copy with a private registration key, without DRM, and activation.

    So if somebody bought GM and decided to pirate it by uplading it, the thief can be easily identified by the private install package he/she got after purchase.

  2. I will pay more for GM8 than than the official price if they release it later without DRM!

    DRM caused me several problems on my machine earlier. (FarCry2) No, I really bought it!

  3. I’m fine with Softwrap, despite their problems, they have extremely good customer service. I have been waiting for this new version of Gamemaker for quite a while. Please don’t make we wait longer! Thank you!

    My vote is release now with Softwrap.
    Softwrap is awesome!

    The wait for a reply from Softwrap is much shorter than is the wait to make a entirely new system. Plus I would be nervous about the reliability of the new system, not that I doubt Mark could do it, it’s just that Softwrap has fast response time- yoyo doesn’t.

  4. I voted yes to having Softwrap now because I don’t think YYG will be able to provide a system that is any better than Softwrap.

    YYG have promised so many things (online highscores, revenue for developers, more competitions, etc) but rarely deliver. I doubt they’d be able to create a stable fully-featured DRM system.

    Also, I’ve never had a single problem with Softwrap.

  5. What about releasing GM8 with softwrap by now, and when their reg. system becomes ready, they re-release it whit it. I don’t want to wait people. The unique excuse is that they had to pay for a new product to softwrap or for more time, but come on, time is money. Kids are gonna ask to their parents for game maker as a Christmas gift (pretty expensive though daa).

  6. Personally, I’d vote yes for Softwrap. I’ve had a problem with it once, but I emailed Softwrap and it came back very quickly. And if they’re using a new version, reliability may be improved. Plus, 4 months is a while to wait for a program that’s basically finished.

  7. No matter what, theres no way they are gonna release any time soon, which is why I vote no softwrap later. Then again, I never had problems with softwrap, so I don’t really care.

    …Then Again, why give them more excuses? Lets say softwrap now, then nail them when it comes out 2 years later.

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