2009 Community Awards Vote

Voting has opened in’s 2009 Game Maker community awards.  Thank you to everyone who nominated candidates they thought deserving of recognition for the services they provide to Game Maker users.

You may vote once in each category upto the 31st of December.  The votes will then be checked and the winners announced on January 1st.

Although I did not spend as much time as I would have liked promoting the awards I must admit my disappointment in the low number of nominations received which resulted in three awards receiving only one nomination each.  Therefore I will accept write-in votes at my own discretion.

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What do you think?

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  1. Phil Gamble :
    @Blijbol — but no-one did nominate it.
    If we repeat these awards next year I will be sure to make certain that the category is better promoted and attracts more nominations by contacting foreign language sites.

    The number of nominations instead dropped from three to one. I suggest renaming the category into “Best Polish Game Maker Website”.

  2. Given that there are only 2 categories with multiple nominations and that for at least one of them my preferred choice is not listed I’d say this competition is meaningless.
    I would recommend giving users some additional nomination time and give more attention to them then a single news post floaded with earlier and later news posts to make it hard to notice.

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