20k Downloads, Game Maker 8 Performance, Immortal Defense Sale, In-game Achievements,…

  • In the first 24 hours since Game Maker 8 became available it was downloaded over 20,000 times.  This is about 5 times the normal number of Game Maker downloads seen in a day.
  • Various benchmarks have been created by Game Maker users to compare the performance of versions 7 and 8.  RinkuHero wrote “I don’t think those tests are very reliable (no offense), because I did a few other tests and found significant improvements.  My tests were more ‘real world’: things people would actually commonly use game maker for, and comparing frame rates.  I found gm8 is about triple the speed of gm7 when it comes to game load times (for large games), and about double when it comes to for loops and repeat loops (with variable assignment inside the loops), but equal when it comes to drawing.”
  • Popular community website GameJolt have announced a beta of their in-game Achievements system.
  • StudioEres are holding a “pay what you like” sale on Immortal Defense.   The highly rated tower defence game usually sells for $14.95.  After 125 sales the average price paid per downloader is almost $2.40.
  • There is still a week left to vote for your favourite Game Maker websites and services in our 2009 awards.

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  1. I think everything is the same; all Delphi. There is a C++ runner for GM7 but I thought it was still being tested. The bug tracker doesn’t seem to show any activity for the last year, except for a couple of unacknowledged reports from last summer. The download seems to have been taken down as well. I wasn’t invited to test, nor have I any knowledge of, any other version but it may exist.

  2. The runner is C++, but the maker is in Delphi. I’m not sure, SOMETHING was getting written in C++, but we haven’t heard word of anything about it… or maybe it’s just me not being in the ‘loop’ anymore 😉

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