GameMaker Blog 2008 Award Winners

Voting in the four remaining categories of Game Maker Blog’s Community Awards has ended, with a total of over 250 votes being made.  The results have been checked and the final figures are posted below.

The voting in “Best source of Game Maker tutorials and/or examples” surprised me as this was the award that had received the most votes, despite one major player being the Official GameMaker Community which was not campaigning.

In the end it was a pretty comfortable victory for the GMC, 12 votes clear of runner-up MarkUp which was well ahead of both other websites.

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I really wasn’t sure how the “Best periodical publication” vote would swing. GMB has often seen heated debates between GameMaker Tech and MarkUp, however these have mainly been carried out by those in command of the magazines!  I didn’t know if secretly you all loved Russell’s Quaterly or GMWeekly – two vastly different publications with entirely different target audiences, content and yes, release schedules.  

In the end it was a battle between the mailing list subscribers of GameMaker Tech and MarkUp with GMKing’s publication coming out on top by a slim margin of 4 votes.

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Best non-English Game Maker website” was a strange category. Partly because I nominated all three sites myself and partly because, as NAL pointed out after voting, the result may be largely be dependent on which languages have the most GameMaker users. 

It appears people didn’t vote purely on their own language though, many of the votes came from people outside any of the nominated countries, and several people voted for a site in a language other than their own national tongue (perhaps by mistake?).

In the end it was a comfortable win for the German Game Maker Domäne who received over 50% of the total votes, although I can’t help feeling I could have promoted this category in a way that would attract more entrants and votes as it had considerably less than some of the other awards.

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The “Most exciting launch of the year” title goes to GMWeekly.  After the magazine had produced its second issue MarkUp editor Robin Monks and GameMakerTV host Dan Eggers discussed the arrival of the publication in a top secret conversation (Episode 4 of GMKing’s podcast).  Their thoughts on the future of the magazine back in September can be found below.


Okay they were proved right about the weekly release dates, but this schedule was stuck to for 13 weeks which I think is a big achievement.

“Basically copied blog posts” or a worthy winner of the Launch of the Year title?  You decide – whilst I sit in the middle of the flying toys because I just can’t make up my mind.

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11 suspicious votes were removed between the four categories (less than 4% of total votes) – however these did not affect the placing of any nominee.

I am pleased with how the Awards worked out and the way in which nominees conducted themselves when campaigning for votes. There certainly hasn’t been any foul play as I believe plagued last years awards at the GMC.  I would also like to thank everyone who voted for their favourite websites, games or publications, whether they are a GameMaker Blog regular or were a first time visitor to the site.

What do you think?

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