$225 up for grabs in Retro Game Competition.

Zerosoft have launched a retro-style game contest with $225 in cash prizes.

We are looking for old school graphics and game play. The prizes have been raised but with that our expectations have been raised as well. We will judge this competition strictly so follow our guide. We want to see pixellated graphics, action, and superb game play. The competition begins today and it will end on February 28th. This is approximately two months time. You will be judged on graphics, sound, originality, the story and implementation of it, and gameplay. If you feel you can’t follow the guidelines below, or you might be angered if you do not place in the top three places, or if you in the end can’t meet the deadline … do not enter this competition. Competition is exactly that … there are rules, there can only be a few winners, and there is a predetermined time.

– Zerosoft’s Jess Horton

This is the largest prize fund for a non-YoYoGames GameMaker-specific contest for a long time.

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