Vote in our Community Awards!

Voting has now closed! The results can be found here.

The nominations process has now closed and voting can commence in GameMaker Blog’s very own awards which hopes to showcase the producers of the best Game Maker resources.

You may vote once in each category upto the 31st of December. The votes will then be verified (not rigged) with the winners announced on January 1st.

I will accept write-in votes (at my own discretion) as the nominations were not very well publicised.

Voting has now closed! The results will be announced on January 1st


Voting has now closed! The results will be announced on January 1st

Russell’s Quarterly was the only publication nominated in the category “best reviews of Game Maker games” so takes this title.

Voting has now closed! The results will be announced on January 1st


And finally, due to the vague nature of my nominations post, there is quite a variety to choose from for best launch of the year.

Voting has now closed! The results will be announced on January 1st

What do you think?

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  1. I voted 64 digits for best source of Game Maker tutorials and/or examples because I’ve been there for a while and it seemed better than anywhere else on that list. Russell’s Quarterly for best periodical publication, but I really wish PGM was on that list. Yeah. I’d vote for it. I don’t speak any other languages, so obviously, I null-voted on the Best non-English Game Maker website. Nothing on Most exciting launch of the year (calendar year 2008) was all that exciting, so I just voted for cactus’s thing.

    [/great wall of text]

  2. Game Maker Resources isn’t an option for Best source of Game Maker tutorials and/or examples?


    It contains not only every resource posted on the GMC (and only the useful ones), but it also contains resources from other sites as well.

  3. For the “Best source of Game Maker tutorials and/or examples”, I voted Game Maker Community, because it has a lot of helpful people who they can create a tutorial for you, solved a problem you have and discuss about what you think for different things about Game Maker.

    For the “Best periodical publication”, I voted GameMaker Tech. This magazine has an amazing team and also it’s characterized for it’s quantity.

    For the “Most exciting launch of the year (calendar year 2008)”, I voted GM Weekly because it’s a very nice and fresh addition in the whole GM scene.

    About “Best non-English Game Maker website”, I didn’t vote because I speak the Greek and the English language only (and a bit French but I don’t need the French GM website).

  4. For the first, I voted Game Maker Community. I don’t think it’ll ever be beaten in that category, since it’s official, it’s extremely popular, and it allows people to post them at will.

    Best periodical publication, I voted GMWeekly. It was a toss-up between that and Russell’s Quarterly – I went for GMW purely because it’s a DEDICATED GM magazine (which I think is important considering it’s GM awards), and because DPoole, its creator, must be working a hell of a lot to keep it so consistent (most of the time).

    Non-English website, I didn’t vote. I don’t speak a different language so I’ve no idea which is best, and I believe the winner of this vote will purely be which’s language has the most GM users.

    Most exciting launch of 2008, again, I didn’t vote. GMWeekly was good but not really exciting – just a nice addition. I didn’t care about Cactus Arcade because I’d played everything in it already before. Fedora Spade, I’d not heard of until this post.

    You might want to correct a couple of spelling errors in this post, by the way. For the third award category you’ve put “none-English” where it should be “non-English”, and you’ve spelt “discretion” as “discression”.

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