“We’re running out of time”

The spiraling effects of the credit crunch means that ThePlaySource may soon* be offline!  In a shameless plea for GMC users to fund his failed project ThePlaySource’s owner writes “I really don’t want this website to go down”

“100% of the money donated will go to paying for the website, and for contests. Absolutely none of it will go to me.

Please donate soon, I don’t want allot. If you want, you can contact our website after you donate any amount of money, and you will have your link in the links section for atleast a month without you linking back, or you can remove all the ads on

Once again, please donate, I really am not asking for allot, $3 or $4 from 3 or 4 people would be good.”

I think from that we can conclude he wants us to bail out the project, like he also did last month when he claimed the domain would expire in March (it expires in May).  *Not all that soon then.

As you can probably guess I am not a fan of the site and especially not the attitude of its owner who if we are to believe the WHOIS data is one “annanoumys annanoumys” [sic].

Not sure why he doesn’t ask his close GMC friend and fellow Canadian anonymouss on that note.  Anonymouss is after all the man that claims to have “put $100 into advertising a website before, and it quickly turned into a $5000 gain” and “right now has $2000” in his PayPal account.  This fellow also says he “fix[es] known security flaws for a living”, but that didn’t stop his own site iWannaPlay being hacked on more than one occasions.

Here’s to the GMC – providing us with entertainment all year long.

What do you think?

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  1. Unfortunately, this is the issue with websites and communities that do not have any sort of solid, or even sparse, income. I do not know exactly how many visitors he gets, but even if we put just a $10 a month fee for web hosting a month (plus $10 a year for a domain), it does add up ($130). That being said, asking for money/donations shouldn’t be discouraged, but you need to offer some sort of bonus for donating, as theplaysource did do. Obviously it can’t be something extravagant (“$100 if you donate now!”), but something like a star next to your name, etc.

    As for anonymouss, dedicating a whole paragraph about his monetary situation really isn’t necessary, is it? I have money in my PayPal account, but that doesn’t mean that I want to go an bail out my friends all of the time. Maybe he believes that bailing The Play Source out isn’t the best venture to undergo. Would you put money into a company/organization that may or may not be around to return the favor, hell, even exist in the near future? That being said, donating a few dollars wouldn’t hurt.

  2. Well, I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with him asking for help, but I think it’s annoying that he’s being misleading. 3 or 4 dollars is almost enough to pay for one month of hosting, and I can’t believe someone would have such a hard time making that amount of money, especially with google adsense. He also lied about how soon the site would go down.

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