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  • GameMaker Tech magazine have completed their giveaway of 10 free GameMaker 7 pro licenses. The winning entries in their competition were submitted by T-Dub, Peter Colborne-Veel, Manuel, Giorgio Sotiropoulos, Rigoberto Juarez, Mariano Ariel de la Torre, Schalk, Jatz, Newbguy and Matthew Kremer. Congratulations to all the winners and to GameMaker Tech for organising a competition with $200 worth of prizes.
  • The Creations section at the Official GameMaker Community is to be split into 8 different sections to make it more difficult for people to see the latest games – I’m sure this wasn’t the intention, but I for one will not be checking eight different sub-forums to see recent releases.
  • Respected GMC member Mr.Chubigans has released his first major commercial game designed with GameMaker.  Spirits of Metropolis is a twist on the Match-3 gems genre which pollute the Internet with their unoriginality.  A demo is available – but it is a 40MB download.

This sounds like GMWeekly material…

What do you think?

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  1. About the 40mb demo of Spirits of Metropolis, as long as you have a good broadband connection, you will get a fast download speed. I downloaded it at about 300kB/s and I was impressed.

  2. Re: the creations forum split. I see your point in that it does make it more difficult to just casually browse the forums. At the same time, splitting it up does give recent games more exposure– a shooter is less likely to slide off the first page if it’s only competing with other shooters instead of with all the other games on the forum. And as someone whose games seem to slide to the second or third page fairly quickly– and as someone who tries to seek out games that aren’t getting a whole lot of attention so that I might review them– I can’t say that it’s a bad decision at all.

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