Softwrap opinion split, NAL Games archive, eoCommunity

  • Opinion is divided at the Game Maker Community poll asking users whether they would prefer a pre-Christmas Game Maker 8 with Softwrap or at least a three month wait for a non-Softwrap release.  Sandy had previously stated that Game Maker 8 would not use Softwrap but it appears this is his favoured option (and that of 56% of poll respondents so far).
  • Earlier this week GMB’s NAL released 40 of his unfinished creations from the past five years at GameJolt.  This is for all the people who never think they will finish a game and just goes to show that for every hit there are many more abandoned along the way.
  • The eoCommunity, whose members include over 50 advanced Game Maker users, is back after a prolonged period of downtime. The problem was cited as a “minor technical issue”.

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