GMLive Show 6 – Listen Again

on December 19, 2009 - 2091 Views

Today’s GMLive radio show had a distinct NAL flavour.  With Andrew McCluskey’s latest creation madnessMADNESSmadness recently passing the 10,000 plays barrier on YoYo Games several of his games were featured along with a discussion of Game Maker news from the past two weeks.

Host Joshua Pedroza revealed that YoYo Games are working on an Instant Play plugin for Chrome, one of the items on my Game Maker Christmas wish list.  The show was short compared to previous weeks finishing in just under an hour (including music) compared to the usual hour and a half or so.

The next GMLive show will be on January 9th 2010 (a week later than normal).

Observed listener peak: 17

Listen again: [audio:]
Right click to download (43.2MB)

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  2. Broxter says:

    You all incorrectly pronounced ‘Ne Touchez Pas’. It is in fact (NER-TOO-SHAY-PA). 😛

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