Instant Play for Chrome and Game Maker 8

on January 16, 2010 - 2691 Views

When Game Maker 8 was released last month the Instant Play facility offered on was not updated so games created with the latest version of the software are currently only available as standard downloads.

Next week YoYo Games are due to release a new version of the Instant Play plugin for Firefox and Internet Explorer which will include support for Game Maker 8.  Also due to be released is a Chrome version of the browser extension (hurray!).

6 Responses to Instant Play for Chrome and Game Maker 8

  1. Miguel says:

    Vive el Chrome 🙂

  2. Sam Whited says:

    Finally. Why they used XPCOMM in the first place I will never know (unless someone tells me… anyone?)

  3. Broxter says:

    Sounds good. But they should’ve had the Instant Play ready before GM8’s release…

  4. elmernite says:

    Bleh, I won’t use chrome till it gets a most visited dropdown list like every other decent browser out there. (which is a pity because that browser moves fast!)

  5. Sebastian says:

    Heard of speed dial?

  6. Elmernite says:

    Speed dial is not the same thing. That works great and I love it, but you have to be at a new tab or go back to the speed dial page. I want a dropdown list, that I can access at any second just like in every other browser.

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