GMIndie Magazine Issue 5

on January 17, 2010 - 2903 Views

Three game reviews and two interviews make up the content of GMIndie Magazine’s fifth issue [view pdf, view Google Doc].  Joining the team to design the magazine is Matthew Haigh, formerly of Game Maker (Scope) Magazine, the result being the introduction of a two column layout.

It’s better than the last issue but why would you publish an interview in which the interviewee reveals nothing of any interest?

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8 Responses to GMIndie Magazine Issue 5

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  4. Sondar says:

    Frederick :Layout is much better


  5. Frederick says:

    Layout is much better

  6. Israel says:

    The second interview must be a joke. The answers are almost monosyllables!.

  7. My one praise is that it’s better than the last issue, as said.

    The second interview was a complete waste of time. The reviews are an improvement, but they’re still written dodgily (I hate how “4/5 for the graphics.” was inserted into the main text – the main text is where you convey your opinions with words and descriptions, not arbitrary numbers).

    But yeah, definitely better, just still not that good.

  8. Mattthew_H says:

    “but why would you publish an interview in which the interviewee reveals nothing of any interest?” I asked the same question.

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